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BHT3 Offices and Laboratories

BHT3 grenoble - aotu architecte - agence architecture a Lyon
program Offices and Laboratories
location Grenoble, FRANCE
developer MINATEC
architect aotu architecture office
surface 4813m²
budget 7.4 millions Euros (HT)
schedule competition 2021 (2nd Prize)


The ambition of our project is not to assert itself as an autonomous event, but on the contrary to participate in the homogeneity of the neighborhood by relying on the main principles issued by the lot sheet. First of all, in order to mark the slope of the street, the building presents a progression from R + 3 to R + 4 without however exceeding the altimetric level of 237m at the acrotère, and this, in order to present an alignment with the main volume of the YSPOT project upstream from the street. In the lower part, on the first two levels on the garden side, the project is subject to several easements, bordering with the CEA. In order to meet these requirements, the project is set back 2m from the RDJ and the DRC by creating a covered passage leading to the park of the serendipity. The modenature of the facades of the project is in line with the Yspot building. The large openings accentuate the effect of verticality and extend the existing rhythm. The facades are homogeneous by their treatment around the entire perimeter of the project. Only the presence of BSO, in shades similar to the joinery, distinguishes the openings according to their exposure.While the site is very constrained, and to avoid encroaching on the public space, we decided to mark the entrance by a hollow which fully expresses the notions of transition, progression, entry into the building. In addition, we worked on the program and the interior fittings in order to stage transparency through the reception hall. ‘parametric’ principle, they create random games of transparency complemented by climbing vegetation taking root from a planter located below. On the roof, the treatment of the technical entrance is hidden under a fencing that also supports photovoltaic panels. Set back from the facade plan, it is not visible from the street. the reception area can be extended through green spaces to further mark the entrance to the building on rue F, Esclangon.The architect’s project is completed by a landscaped treatment of the accessible terrace: the forest This one, whose composition is inspired by the geology of the surrounding mountains, becomes a meeting place, observation of the distant landscape or simply an open-air meeting place. Thus, the project fits perfectly into its context and contributes to the coherence of the neighborhood. Its architectural style is strong while remaining sober and resolutely contemporary.