Ledger Plex Vierzon - aotu architecture sarl.Ledger Plex Vierzon - aotu architecture sarl.Ledger Plex Vierzon - aotu architecture sarl.Ledger Plex Vierzon - aotu architecture sarl.

Ledger PLEX. Vierzon, FRANCE

Ledger Plex Vierzon - aotu architecture sarl.
info program Offices and Production Line for Hi-Tech Products
location Vierzon, FRANCE
developer GSE for Ledger
architect aotu architecture office
surface 4000m2 (Phase 1)
budget 6 millions Euros (excl. VAT)
schedule contract 2018 - construction in progress



The Ledger Vierzon project was designed more as a system than as an architectural building. Uncertainty about the program, its evolution and the planning of the project leads us to develop a campus concept that organizes a set of connected buildings that can evolve autonomously.

Also it seemed important to anticipate the growth of the building but also its after. What will happen on the site, what will become of the building if the needs of the Ledger Plex Vierzon project were to change or if the site became too narrow to ensure the growth of the start-up.
Today we expect 4500m2 by the end of 2018, and a possible growth of the architectural project up to 15 0002, maybe in 10 years tens of thousands of m2 will be needed. It is our duty to foresee all these eventualities and to build a building perfectly adapted to the needs of Ledger Vierzon but which can also develop, or transform itself.

the master plan of the Ledger Vierzon project, expresses the synthesis of all the constraints and programmatic elements of the project. The street concept that we propose allows us to create a true ‘plug & play’ system. Indeed each element of the program can evolve but others can be grafted without impacting on the operation of the Plex. To achieve this goal we will have to build ‘light’ / ‘without water’ and ‘fast’. Thus a solution steel structure with prefabricated elements seem suitable for this project.