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ACC - aotu architecture sarl.
info program Office and Battery Equipment Center
location Nersac, FRANCE
developer ACC GROUP
architect aotu architecture office
surface 78 538m²
budget 28 million euros (excl. VAT)
schedule 2019 - Completion 2022



The ACC project site is located in the industrial zone of the municipality of NERSAC, it is bordered in the north by rue Ampère, and to the east by rue Pierre Georges Debouchaud. To the west of the site, the workshops of the company “Meubles Demeyere” are located, to the south, in the immediate continuity of the site, are disused railway lines. The project described in these documents consists of the construction of a pilot plant for the manufacture of new generation batteries of the company ACC. The project envisages the creation of a 23,659m2 factory at the ACC Nersac site west of the historic factory. The building consists of a large main volume combining the functions of industrial process, services and offices. To this set is added a set of technical rooms of smaller dimensions, sometimes contiguous to the facade of the main building, sometimes separate. The scale of the factory has impressive dimensions: 175m long, 137m wide and a height of 15m at the a crotère on the total periphery of the project except the offices whose altimetry at the northeast corner does not exceed not the 12m.

The technical rooms have much more modest dimensions with a maximum of 8m at the parapet for certain R + 1 areas and 18m very occasionally at the top of the chimneys of the boiler room. The rest of the premises are on the ground floor, with a height of around 6m on the parapet. Note the positioning of certain technical areas, in particular the storage of N2, which are located between phases 1 and 2 of the project, more than 60m from the property lines to meet environmental requirements. Note also the technical terrace, on the roof to the west of the project, which accommodates the project’s cold units; its high position, in an open space but completely enclosed laterally, has been designed to limit noise pollution to the neighborhood as much as possible. On the rest of the plot, particularly on the northern and southern outskirts, the existing state of the vegetation will be preserved in order to promote native species and biodiversity.

The architectural project has a double objective:
– at the site level, unify the two parts of the project, in other words, ensure that old and new constructions appear as a coherent whole.
– on the scale of the new project, integrate a set of small buildings (mainly technical rooms) with a much more massive volume, which is that of the factory.

To meet our first objective, the project is distinguished first of all by its facade treatment. In line with the existing, and
in accordance with the recommendations of the PLU, the dominant color of the facades is light gray / off-white. The project is therefore part of a development logic of the site, in line with the existing one. To this dominant color is added a stronger color which aims to integrate the many technical rooms (4.5m ~ 8m) within the main facade (15m) by a trompe l’oeil effect. The principle consists in placing the small-sized rooms in the foreground of a base treated in a sustained gray, which contrasts sharply with the light gray of the upper part of the facade. With the distance, the LT merges with the base. and are welded to the main massing. This device, which plays on the perception of colors, depth and distance, extends over almost the entire perimeter of the building and allows both to integrate the LT but also to mark the main entrance and to highlight with slight overhangs the office part, the noblest part of the project.

The architectural project is sober and timeless, it is expressed by a clear volume, and sets of volumes / color contrasts which avoid too great homogeneous heights, and integrate the building as well as possible into the landscape.