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Xenocs Grenoble - aotu architecte - agence architecture a Lyon
program R&D center, Labs, Offices
location Grenoble, FRANCE
developer Xenocs / Gse
architect aotu architecture office ltd.
surface 5 500m2 (SDP)
budget 8.3 millions Euros (HT)
schedule competiton 2016 (1st prize/8teams) - construction 2017


The Xenocs new headquarters office building in the scientific peninsula of Grenoble includes offices, laboratories as well as a showroom open toward the public space on the street level. Designed in Shanghai, Xenocs is aotu architect’s first project in France. The Xenocs Grenoble project will be delivered in October 2019.

The new location aims to be a stimulating environment for the Xenocs Grenoble team and its customers, conducive to growth and also allow the consolidation of its R & D and production activities on a single site.

Located just a few minutes walk from the European Synchrotron (ESRF), the new site will allow Xenocs Grenoble to benefit from the proximity of its strategic partners and the dynamism of the Polygone Scientifique. It will also be a center of excellence for training users of Xenocs equipment. The new site will also host KIC InnoEnergy, which hosts start-ups in the energy sector.






Xenocs Grenoble





Xenocs concept

The client program is organized in the manner of a building game and is stacked to form a program volume in the form of a ziggurat. The volumes are organized to optimize the constructive system and structure the angle av. martyrs / new street.The XENOCS laboratory is released from a constraining stage. The building has views to the landscape from the public space / from the internal spaces. The angle av. martyrs evidenced to accommodate the main entrance. The volumes are shifted very slightly to create a dynamic and protect the lower floors of the South exposure.







Xenocs Grenoble


Xenocs diagrams

Xenocs rue du nanometre