Bourges Aeroport - avenue d'issoudun bourgesBatiment Architecte Bourges Aeroport - avenue d'issoudun bourgesBatiment Architecte Bourges Aeroport - avenue d'issoudun bourgesavenue d'issoudun bourges - Bourges ArchitecteBatiment Bourges Aeroport - avenue d'issoudun bourges


program Offices, Quality Control, Maintenance and Logistic
location Bourges, FRANCE
developer M# BOURGES
architect aotu architecture office
surface 9 000m2
budget -
schedule 2019-2021 work in process


The building 34 project is part of a development and optimization plan for the XXX company’s historic site in Bourges. Located at the entrance to the city, backing onto the airport, the aim of the building is to rationalize and optimize all logistics flows entering and leaving the site. Our primary ambition at the site level is to integrate the building into its context.

To do this, we want to avoid too abrupt volumes, without volume games, without details. We want to break away from the architect of monolithic buildings, without soul, which now encircle our French cities, to instead develop an architecture that has meaning. , which expresses an idea, a concept and values ​​which are those of XXX.

The project consists of two distinct but complementary volumes. First of all the heart of the project, the main volume which culminates at 14m in height and which brings together the central functions of the building: logistics, CSS and their workshops.The heart of the building is surrounded by a second volume, much lower , and especially more on a human scale.

This brings together support functions such as customer reception or staff offices.This volume game becomes the concept of the building: it expresses its program, its issues and above all creates a visual transition by succession of plans between the building. avenue bordering our site to the north and the large main volume of the project.

The second axis of our reflection concerns the internal functioning of the building. Based on the solid preparatory work that was communicated to us, we wished as much as possible to bring our architectural expertise to optimize the project and above all to make it more flexible.

Here are some highlights of this work:

– overhead crane over the entire length of the building: flexibility and ease of use

– supply of natural light to the roof: better working environment, energy savings

– rationalization of volumes and of the structure: 4200m3 of air volumes to be treated in less

– rationalization of the CF walls, the customer bubble, etc.

– work on the turning radii and maneuvering of the trucks .

The result is a building with an architectural unique: both sober and sophisticated, each gesture of which has been carefully thought out. But beyond its image, it is a functional, flexible and economical building that we invite you to discover in the rest of this document.