MANIKHEIR - aotu architecte - agence architecture a LyonMANIKHEIR - aotu architecte - agence architecture a LyonMANIKHEIR - aotu architecte - agence architecture a LyonMANIKHEIR - aotu architecte - agence architecture a LyonMANIKHEIRMANIKHEIR


MANIKHEIR - aotu architecte - agence architecture a Lyon
program Offices, Labs and Logistics
location Bessé sur Braye, FRANCE
developer MANIKHEIR
architect aotu architecture office
surface 16 523m2 (SDP)
budget -
schedule concept 2021- work in progress


The ManiKHeir project is part of a plan to reclaim and develop an existing industrial site. The project is both constrained by the existing (access, relationship to the street, building heights, etc.) while trying to take advantage of it by rehabilitating certain existing buildings: speed of execution, cost optimization, economy of material. The organization of the volumes and consequently of the program, is organized in sequence from the D303 to the east of the site, in depth: the altimetry of the buildings rises crescendo to reach 23m at the bottom of the plot to the east . We thus distinguish 3 main sequences:
– The first volume, the lowest, is located along the rue du 8 mai 1945. This will undergo major rehabilitation and will house the site’s administrative and social premises: office areas, changing canteen, etc.
– A second set, located in the center of the project, is made up of several buildings with structural homogeneity. After renovation, they will group together storage activities for raw materials (in the north, at the start of the production chain) and finished products (in the south, at the end of the production chain).
– the existing buildings cannot meet the size requirements of the production lines; the last volume will be built new, instead of the existing buildings. The latter is located furthest in the background from the public space and culminates at 23m in height. It is accompanied in its northern part by a ‘Mixing’ area and an area dedicated to packaging in the South (lower volume).
The project, composed of several sets of buildings, will extend over more than 170m in the N/S direction, and 130m along an E/W axis while culminating at 23m in height. Note however that it will be less imposing than the largest of the volumes currently present on site and which culminates at 24m.