ADP DUO - aotu architecte - agence architecture a LyonADP DUO - aotu architecte - agence architecture a LyonADP DUO - aotu architecte - agence architecture a LyonADP DUO - aotu architecte - agence architecture a LyonADP DUO - aotu architecte - agence architecture a Lyon


ADP DUO - aotu architecte - agence architecture a Lyon
programme Bâtiment de Bureaux, Gare de Fret, Parking Silo
situation Paris Aéroport CDG, FRANCE
client GROUP ADP
architecte aotu architecture office
surface 34 857m²
budget -
calendrier concours 2023


ADP DUO This project is located on Rue Fortin in the cargo area of ​​Paris Airport. It is a key project in the area and the first double-story composite logistics center plus three-dimensional parking lot in the area.


Site of DUO restrictions and functional components:


>The site is located in an urban planning area and the building should respect the axis of the western road (Rue du Fortin) and be aligned with the surrounding buildings.

>Since the base belongs to ICPE, the buildings on the east side of the base must be set back 20m.

>The project must also ensure the quality of the landscape along the Route de la Croix au plaster, in particular the continuity of the existing valley.

>The first-floor logistics center consists of 6 units with an area of ​​approximately 3600m2, arranged in a 12m x 16m grid. The station is powered by two truck yards, one to the south on the city side and the other to the north on the runway side (customs area)

>The multifunctional factory area on the second floor is located above the logistics center on the first floor and consists of 32 units. Its layout follows the layout of the warehouse area on the first floor. Each unit, whether on the north or south side, is accessible via a utility vehicle (UV) or 19T truck.

>A 300-space parking space provides parking for light vehicles and two-wheelers throughout the project.

>The total floor area of ​​the project cannot exceed 48,200 square meters.


1. Large freight hall on the first floor

The centerpiece of the project is a large freight hall built on the main plot. Divided into six units of approximately 3,600 sqm each, totaling 21,600 sqm. Measuring 288 m long and 84 m wide, this imposing building is arranged along an east-west axis and is served by two truck yards.

The south side truck yard is accessible from the town entrance and provides approximately 6 loading bays per unit, with light vehicle access via ramps. The truck yard on the north side is used by trucks coming from the customs area and has a horizontal platform with 2-3 large combination doors per unit, parts of which are partially covered by a 20 m wide canopy.


2. Modern office

The second part of the project consists of offices divided into two blocks, located at the junction of each freight unit. Each building offers approximately 300 sqm of floor area per floor, divided into two levels (R+2). The top floor slopes back to create two accessible terraces. The office area connects the two blocks on a mezzanine level, ensuring smooth flow of traffic without interfering with the logistics area. Their modern designs present a noble and modern image.


3. Three-dimensional parking lot

The secondary plot is located to the west of the main plot and has a three-dimensional parking lot. Accessible via independent passage. The car park offers a total of 307 parking spaces, 7 of which are suitable for people with reduced mobility (2%) and 59 with electric vehicle charging stations.


4. Factory building for rent on the second floor

The second-floor factory building is accessed from a large ramp that can accommodate large trucks and fire trucks. This floor provides 234 parking spaces, including 46 charging spaces. People or visitors who come to this floor for work can reach it through the overpass from the three-dimensional parking lot. It greatly increases the safety of people walking and separates them from passenger cars/large trucks. There is a 4M translucent wall on the north side to prevent people on the second floor from seeing the customs logistics area on the first floor.

Master Plan and Location

The ADP DUO project is being developed on two plots with a total area of ​​38,456 m2, located at the intersection of rue de la jeune fille and rue du midi. These parcels are currently undeveloped.

The freight terminal is located near the roundabout, complying with alignment and height restrictions to ensure harmonious integration. The prominent offices provide a modern image while being slightly lower than the main warehouse.

For security reasons, the site is completely closed. Access rights are clearly defined:

– The HGV entrance is on the west side and features fencing, sliding doors and retractable studs.

– Access the maintenance area on the north side of the secondary plot.

– The approach from the runway to the east is protected by rising obstacles.

The ADP DUO project is more than a simple architectural style. It embodies the future of airport logistics and is the first double-storey logistics complex in the area. It has a strategic location, modern architecture and fits perfectly into the environment of the logistics area of ​​Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.