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功能 中国总部办公室
地点 上海,中国
开发商 保乐力加
建筑设计 aotu建筑设计
面积 2500 ㎡
预算 -
时间 2014年


The project is clearly organized :
From the lift, visitors and staff access to the lobby area / all the area for REPRESENTATION by walking through the showroom area.
All the functions that welcome visitors are located on the south-west wing of the layout, people cannot access to the rest of the floor without security access.
The staff, including manager and director are working in the same open space that opens toward the outside to benefit from the stunning view of Shanghai xintiandi area and the maximum of natural light. These ensemble constitute what we call a TEAM or departments.
These teams, are seperated by various kinds of COLLABORATION AREA: these space are located at strategic location, not only they offer a great view, but also due to the shape of the building, these areas wouldn’t be efficient for workstations.
Collaboration room can either be enclosed for private discussion and brainstorming, or open to gather more people if needed.
Their foldable partition are made of glass panels not to block the veiw and narutal light from entering the space.
Each team is connected within another via the MAIN CORRIDOR. this loop line allow people to easily access to the entrances, fire escapes but also meeting rooms, copy areas storage, ie to al the AMENITIES.该项目平面布置很清晰: