Kobenhavn Library - aotu architecte - agence architecture a Lyon

Kobenhavn Library - aotu architecte - agence architecture a Lyon
programme ‘library 2.0’
situation Copenhagen, DANMARK
client AWR
architecte aotu architecture office ltd.
surface 2500㎡
budget -
calendrier international competition 2014/11


LibraREActor is the name of our concept for the Copenhagen library 2.0 project.

Following the hybrid trend of organizations in modern societies, LibraREActor proposes a dialogue between the traditional library, and an interactive hi-tech platform, which will be called the Brain.

The main structure of the libraREActor is functioning as a very traditional library: a generous vertical space, flooded with natural lights and surrounded by shelves that cover the walls from the bottom to the top. On the other side, right in the center of the building is located its core, a brain-shape structure which will hold a media center, with meeting rooms, an auditorium, digitalization and research centers. Inside the core will also be located the library`s offices and storages. It proposes an exchange between tradition and modernity as a way of meeting the needs of both.

The concept, as well as the shape of the project, is a metaphor in which the building itself works as an energy generator or reactor, transforming books and physical documents into digital data through its core. In this concept, the users may be compared to electrons, moving from the traditional to the modern pole and vice versa.

The libraREActor will be a public digital hub and an interactive researching space for the city of Copenhagen and its citizens.