Shinkenchiku Residential - aotu architecte - agence architecture a Lyon


功能 住宅别墅
地点 日本 东京
开发商 Shinkenshiku Development Group.
建筑设计 aotu建筑设计
面积 1296m²
预算 1800 M Yens
时间 2008年11月



The project is located in a hypothetical garden city grid of 36m by 36m. It has therefore no context or, otherwise, all the possible contexts: suburbs, low density residential area, very dense city area etc.
Accordingly, if the project can occur anywhere, it is essential to envisage its requirements in a more general manner: the World as a Global Context.
The following graphic analyzes the fundamental data that define the world evolution in the coming 40years: population, urban sprawl, agricultural land etc

4 houses on a 36x36m piece of land roughly represent a density of (36+9×36+9)/4 or 20 houses/hectares including the road system.
This low density seems not to take into consideration the prerequisite of the context the project takes part in. This is the reason why our proposal for a 2050 garden city targets a density of maximum 50h/ha (40h/ha + offices).

Urban Concept

The 2050 garden city is made up of flexible entities or blocks that are defined by 3 main datas :
1| mixed program: The garden city is not a dormitory town but a living city that includes numerous activities and buildings: houses, offices, parks, stores, kindergarten, sport centers, public service building etc.
2| density: per incorporating more or less houses on its plot, each block can adapt to different density requirement.
3| orientation: in order to maximize the solar gain the density of the block is low on its southern part (more vegetation) but higher on its northern part per including more double storey houses.

House Concept Design

The design of the house is following a 3 steps process:
1| Living Room: according to the required density, a certain amount of living rooms are set on the 36mx36m grid: 4 to 8 living room corresponding to a 20 to 40 h/ha density.
2| Private gardens: every living room opens onto a minimum 6mx6m private garden oriented south or south/west in order to benefit from the maximum of sunshine.
The Living room/garden define the core of the house
3| Program: around the central space of the house imbricate the rest of the program: patios, gardens, offices, kitchen, bedrooms etc.
Each house is surrounded by vegetation, each room open onto the outside. The interior/exterior limits disappear; gardens, patios and courtyards become a room for living.