Fashion Museum - aotu architecture sarl.


Fashion Museum - aotu architecture sarl.
信息 功能 时尚博物馆
地点 东京-日本
开发商 architectum
建筑设计 aotu建筑设计
面积 15 00㎡
预算 -
时间 2010年02月


Japanese designers are present leaders at various disciplines such as architecture, industrial products and fashion.
The very unique sensibility of its culture has molded the very particular scenery of the Omotesando Street: the location of the Tokyo 2010 Fashion Museum architecture competition.We aim to create a very unique architectural building that can not only become a landmark of Tokyo but also an outstanding exhibition space for the whole world fashion industry.Our design is inspired by a tailor very essential tool: a tape or ribbon measure.From the top floors, where is located the skybar to the ground floor, the exhibition spaces are totally open to tokyo’s fantastic urbanscape. These platforms act like stages where is showcased the permanent and temporary exhibition spaces.These spaces, the core of the tower, are wrapped by the circulation like that a ribbon spiraling all the way from the lobby to the rooftop, arriving at a promontory that seems to fly into the sky.People may chose to access directly the top floors using the lifts and then walk down the 800m long exhibition promenade or to walk up the ramp from the lobby.
By linking together the City, Society and the Fashion industry, this new Museum Tower will become an essential tool for Tokyo: an incubator for the young designers, a showcase for the Japanese fashion industry and a museum for the future generations.