Dell BVS - aotu architecte - agence architecture a Lyon


Dell BVS - aotu architecte - agence architecture a Lyon
功能 展示厅-办公室
地点 中国-上海
开发商 戴尔中国
建筑设计 aotu建筑设计
面积 600平方米
预算 500 k美元
时间 2010年12月 - 竣工



The lobby is one of the most important space of DELL BVS Shanghai.
In contrast with the building long corridors and darks spaces, we wanted the lobby to appear very bright to almost reproduce the natural light atmosphere. Each element in the design, materials, colors, furniture provide a coherent message and establish the brand image.
Colors palette strictly follow the DELL brand guidelines, but the blue Dell color is the most dominant color. Materials are very modern; almost abstract (high glossy resin). They must also be durable and environment friendly. In contrast the furniture are very warm and matte.

Conference Room

Meetings are critical for DELL BVS. It is all about: communication and strategy.
The conference room should offer the possibility to be widely open onto the lobby and at the same time to be confidential. The lighting system emphasizes the brightness of the floor to reveal the dynamism of the company. Moreover high end materials (such as leather chairs, wooden finish furniture, and dark grey glossy cabinets) reflect the corporate identity and the quality of service provided by DELL to their clients.

Integration Lab.

The integration labs represent the core function of the BVS Shanghai. These spaces will not only accommodate Dell staff but also potential clients, therefore they have to be very generous in terms of dimension (large corridor, distance behind the workstation and the walls etc).
On the wall is showcased the DELL core values with large motto set randomly on the wall.

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms, for 4-6 people, are designed as part of the working areas.
They are multifunctional and welcoming. The Partitions equipped with blinds can turn the room in a private space.
The color takes an important part in these rooms: blue fabric chairs, as a corporate image, and raspberry painting for dynamism and passion.