Dallas Urban Renovation - aotu architecte - agence architecture a Lyon

Dallas Urban Renovation

Dallas Urban Renovation - aotu architecte - agence architecture a Lyon
功能 城市规划/设计
地点 达拉斯,德克萨斯州.美国
开发商 达拉斯市
建筑设计 aotu建筑设计
面积 283公顷
预算 -
时间 2013年09月


After more than 60 years of expansion of its road networks, the city of Dallas must now develop its soft transport modes network (walking, cycling).
Our project proposes to create a green pedestrian network whose foundation will rely on an Axis [downtown – commerce bridge – Trinity] that will act as a spine, allowing pedestrians and bicycle riders to travel safely. Moreover, many ramifications that will take root from this axis and will spread in the city in order to gradually expand to eventually create a large scale network.1- Main Streets is turned into a green pedestrian street planted with trees; A service lane will remain in the center for taxis, buses, deliveries and emergencies. Elm and Commerce Street sidewalks will be enlarged to allow the implementation of café terraces and other activities.2- Bridge W. Commerce is turned into an inhabited bridge that incorporates many public facilities such as: swimming pool, outdoor theater, Skate Park, cafe and restaurant, solarium, ramps and stairs, sculpture garden etc.3- The banks of Trinity are converted into public promenade. Pedestrians and bicycle lanes are distinguished in order to create rest areas playgrounds for children.4- Lanes are created to drain the new areas of urban developments. These allow a higher porosity and thus better access to banks of river front from Trinity Blvd.Our project is the cornerstone of a network that aims to transform Dallas in an Eco-city: more soft transport modes, more proximity and more social links