Alstom HQ - aotu architecte - agence architecture a Lyon


功能 办公楼
地点 武汉,中国
开发商 阿尔斯通
建筑设计 aotu建筑设计
面积 15 000 ㎡
预算 5千万人民币
时间 2007年11月


Site :
The piece of land dedicated the Alstom Office building is demarcated by the angle of the Site ( red line) and the main factory building. It results an approx. 20 000m2 plot to design the office building, its future extension and parking lot.
The road system clearly define the structure of the site. From the main south entrance, a main axis distribute all the functions of the Alstom project: Main factory building, Office building, parking lot, canteen, RD center etc
The main office building location will respect and reinforce the site composition by prolonging the factory south façade toward the East. The office will be clearly visible from the entrance and will mark the angle of the Alstom Wuhan Project.
The parking lot is facing the south façade of the building, respective the South entrance Feng Shui principle to enter the building.