contract 2018 - construction in progress
Ledger HQ. Vierzon, FRANCE
GSE for Ledger

competiton 2016 (1st prize/9teams) - construction 2018
Renault Dacia, Bucharest. ROMANIA
Renault Dacia Romania

2017 – approval in progress
ECO-District of WanNian, PR-CHINA
Private Developer

competition january 2010 / FIRST PRIZE
Caserne de la Vienne. Poitiers, FRANCE
Commune de Poitiers Biards

competition november 2013
Cosmic Trip. West Kowloon, HongKong SAR
West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

design 2015 - construction 2016
Macheng, Wuhan. PRC
YL Group

contract 09/2012 construction 2013
WTDSI Building. Wuhan, PRC
Wuhan Transportation DS Institute

design 2014 / construction 2015
BS Office, TianJin. PRC
Best Seller

international competition 2014/11
Kobenhavn Library, Copenhagen. DENMARK

Lake Shore Xi An, PR-China

contract november 2010
Shimao, ChangZhou. PRC
ShiMao Group

contract november 2010
JiaoBao Dept. Store. Shanghai, PR-China
JiaBao Group

Prehistory Museum HangZhou, PR-CHina

contract 2010 october - construction 2011~2014
Shenlong Development, Wuhan. PRC
AiJiaZhiYe Group

June 2003 - shorlisted among 65 entries
Europan 7, Reims, France
Effort Reimois

november 2008
Shinkenchiku Residential. Tokyo, JAPAN
Shinkenshiku Development Group.

competition 2011 june
Europan 11. Toulouse, FRANCE
Grand Toulouse

Muyi HQ. Wuhan, PRC
Muyi ltd.

contract 09/2012 construction 2013
WTDSI renovation Wuhan, PR-China
WuhanTransportation DS Institute

february 2010
Omotesando Fashion Museum Tokyo, JAPAN

international competition 2012 march
Footbridge, Amsterdam. NL

April 2010
Vavo Telecom HQ Shanghai, PR-CHina

concept design july 2011
Wuhan developer company, Wuhan. PRC

January 2014
Children Museum Saint Louis, USA

international competition 2012 july
Buenos Aires art museum. ARGENTINA
BA City council

competition 2012 september.
Daegu Gosan Library. South Korea
Daegu Metropolitan City Suseaong Gu Office

design 2015 - construction 2016
FengHuang Villas, Wuhan. PRC

contract 04/2013 construction 2014
QingShan Tower. Wuhan, PRC
YuLong Group.

contract 2010 october - construction 2011~2014
Shenlong Development, Wuhan. PRC
AiJiaZhiYe Group

competition august 2011
Jerez de la Frontera. SPAIN
City of Jerez

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